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    Battle of the Titans "(video card) ..
    Preface: I will tell you now, one very interesting story from my own practice and life ... I've got two best friends of the programmer. Well of course both machines at home are powerful. And that's how they decided they upgrade their video card. Went together and bought: one bought "Radko" second "Gigenka". Well, according to his custom began to argue which of them took the best and who lohonulsya ... in itogde all gathered together in my home and all available means tested them on a microchip to bolt fastening the cooling system. That's what we came out ...

    AMD Radeon HD 4670 and 4650

    (Quick and cheap)

    As far as I knew the previous generation of graphics cards segment from AMD (Radeon HD 3600) has turned out not to be very successful: their performance left much to be desired. The main reason for this state of affairs was in a small Number of stream processors (120 pieces). In the same new Radeon HD 4670 and 4650 the number had risen to 320 pieces, almost three-fold. Video card equipped with a graphics processor, RV730, is released according to 55-nm process technology. The core frequency on average was 700 Mgerts, and the effective memory frequency standard GDDR3 (512 MB) 1500 Mgerts that for this type of chip is the limit. The memory bus width circuit boards typical of the midrange - 128 bits. Power consumption does not exceed 70 watts, this is not required to supply additional power. The manufacturer's site recommended price - 2000 rubles. Bought for 2100 rubles.

    Gigabyte Radeon HD R4850C-1GH


    Well, on several grounds once it became clear to me that Gigabyte engineers have tried their best and improved the standard version of Radeon HD. Model R4850C-1GH equipped with 1 GB of GDDR3 memory manufactured by Samsung! with an access time of 1 ns, operating at AMD - 1980 Mgerts. But the graphics chip RV770 I was able to test their equipment to disperse only up to 700 Mgerts. Video card are based on non-standard PCB is blue with high quality electronic components - MOS tranzisterov low-RESISTANCE-state, droselya with ferrite cores, kondeksatory with solid electrolyte and reduced EPS (technology Ultro Durable 2). This will reduce heating board, which precedes the long-term work card.

    Gigabyte also took care to improve the cooling system, equipping R4850C-1GH efficient Zalman VF830 cooler with two copper heatpipe heatsink with lots of thin fins and big fan. As a result, core temperature was 70 degrees celsius under load and 55 degrees at rest. Board fitted with two outs Dual-Link DVI with HDCP, and one HDTV. Accelerator is compatible with Direct X 10.1 and equipped with built-in power of hardware acceleration of video decode Full HD (Unified Video Decoder 2).

    This is all very impressed, but by the way - note that the Gigabyte Radeon HD R4850C-1GH we gave the store a tidy sum - 5500 rubles.


    (Test results)

    That power, as well as in some cases the size of boards make the purchase profitable. Small loss of productivity offset tangible energy savings that we observed in the AMD Radeon HD 4670 and 4650 and a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, the new graphics card allows you to run all modern games at normal speed. But it turns out that it is not suitable for lovers of the perfect picture, but for those who do not want to give a round sum, and occasionally run the game - this video card can be an excellent choice.

    Deserves special attention Gigabyte Radeon HD R4850C-1GH. Gigabyte's engineers here have tried their best, providing a novelty alternative cooling system and high-quality electronic components. A 1 GB memory and increase the frequency of the chip are a good bonus for all, without exception lyubeteley Games. But unfortunately all these bells and whistles strongly increased production costs and the price for purchasing a new clothes may well hit the pocket.

    In general, HD 4670 shows quite high performance for medium color range low power consumption at the cost of 2000 rubles. And for those who seek a more productive solution, note the fee R4850C-1GH - this alternate version is equipped with high-cooling system and 1 GB of memory chip, it can operate at higher frequencies. But do not forget about the price barrier in 5500 rubles.

    EPILOGUE: As a result of a dispute of my friends won none - the first spent all their money on quality, second quality of the picture lost but successfully save 2500 rubles. After discussing all the results we are all friendly company went to drink beer on the remaining money from a friend.
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