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    Never do this with Windows ...
    There are many everyday transactions, which look innocuous, but can easily lead to a breach of Windows. We will explain the 10 most common problems that lead to system crashes.


    (Ballast overboard)

    Just installed Windows XP is fast and stable, but it is not enough that he can. For many problems will require additional software. Unfortunately, the more software we install on your computer, and the deeper they become rooted in the system, the slower Windows. This is due to the fact that the roster razrostaetsya and becoming too unwieldy. Clearly, from the "stuff" to izbovlyatsya. In most cases, problems arise with this - they start when the uninstall program contains errors.

    Program Revo Uninstaller ( completely removes the most "tenacious" applications. She has a portable version, which does not require installation, as recorded in the register in general there will be nothing. This characteristic preemuschestvo and other portable programs, but we will at last operand.

    2. Startup


    For convenience, many users configure their systems in such a way that would have automatically started at boot time job they want the program (such as instant messenger, mail, browser, etc.). With these programs, the computer has to cope, but with time to them quietly dobovlyayutsya others. For example, such as QuickTime Player from Appie or Adobe Updater - they can be opened as needed, so it is best to remove them from startup. One Problem - some files zapryatanny at startup ...

    Edit the run list can be from several aftermarket programs but best to cope with this utility Autoruns ( / She provides information about all applications and elements that are loaded with the system. You just left-click to deactivate them.

    3. SERVICE

    (Disconnect the brake)

    When my computer does not automatically run only the programs, but many different services. Few of them really needed to work for Windows - the rest are only hamper it.

    come to the aid of built-in msconfig.exe, invoked via the command line (Start - Run). Akiviruyte option "Service - the service is not otobrozhat Microsoft", and disable any that you feel is unnecessary. Since service names are not always clear, first move to help them on the Internet or any other source ins = formation.

    4. DRIVERS

    (Get rid of junk)

    Over time, the computer accumulates a lot of drivers for various devices. You instaliruete one supplement after another, and have outlived their drivers clog up your computer. Sooner or later - it will lead to zabostovke your PC with the system hangs and the emergence of the "blue" screen errors.

    From unnecessary drivers need izbovlyatsya, but before that you should back up your data. After this, click My Computer, right-click and choose Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables - Create, enter the name: "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" and set its variable to "1". Click in the "System Properties" to "Equipment - dispatcher devices" and then on "View - Show hidden devices". The computer will mark all drivers neispolyuzuemye gray.

    IMPORTANT: Do not indiscriminately udolyat all drivers, the shaded. Among them may be the driver, for example, unconnected digital cameras, etc.


    (Garbage - in the trash)

    Most of the hard disk take your music collection, and filmof. But on the memory consumed by this and other files that can be removed without regret. Temporary files of your browser or audio editing quickly eat up memory on your hard drive. When free memory is running out - processor speed drops disastrous. The problem is that often the files are hidden so well that they do not know where to look.

    program CCleaner (www.ccleaner. Com) otyschet hidden files, and will bring spring cleaning.

    IMPORTANT: Always make sure that it is going to udolyat this program if you're going to keep temporary files.

    clean the system of garbage, use the Disk Defrag ( It makes defragmentation faster and better than the defragmenter Windows.

    6. FONTS

    (Separate the wheat from the chaff)

    When vygotovite stendtgazetu, drawing greeting card, or composes a letter on the computer saved a lot of fonts. The problem is that when you start Windows, the "small" files (the size in bytes) are loaded into memory. And although each of them is very small - together they significantly slows down the system, according to this unnecessary fonts should advance udolyat.

    NOTE: In Windows, even the newly installed, provides the system fonts - which are better not even touch it. List you can be found at: Everything else falls into the folder: C: \ Windows \ Fonts, together with the installed programs. Not all of these fonts should udolyat. If you do not find their application, they can be erased.

    Unfortunately own Windows tools to do it is not so simple: the need to delete all the fonts by hand, and before that - and even inspect their.

    For font management more convenient to use the program Linotype FontExplorer ( It has a stylish user interface in a spirit of iTunes, and delete unnecessary fonts click. For more comfort, activate the option "View - WYSIWYG font list" - then the program will immediately show samples shritov.

    7. VIRUSES

    (Do not leave the chance of pests)

    Everything happens in the blink of an eye. To view a video clip site requires a codec that is not installed on your computer. A single click - and instead of a browser plug-in you, in all likelihood, instaliruete dangerous virus.

    If the antivirus at the same time has expired or is disabled - are infected with pests and lead down the entire system. Then begin to open windows, error messages, and at worst - on-line thieves can clean out your personal account.

    FOLLOWING exclude the possibility of getting malicious software on your computer!

    This requires daily updated antivirus, and your prudence in selecting sites.

    In other words, do not open suspicious prilazheniya to your messages and do not download unknown codec. If you suspect that the file could be infected, upload it to the site: - where it will test multiple vendors.

    If the virus is still able to penetrate into your computer, in some cases, you will help the program Docktor WEB (to download on our website). She finds the most insidious and rutkiny vredonostnogo programs that cleverly cover their tracks and have the self-proclaimed files.


    (When it too much)

    Rider helmet is required, but it is not as pedestrian needs would be, how much would it razdrozhal. The same can be said about computers, and in particular about its security.

    One will link the anti-virus is quite sufficient: duplication of additional scanners can be impossible to load on your computer. So while the two brendmauzera able to lead the system out of action.

    Limit one well-configured antivirus and brandmauzerom. If you have another one: delete it without hesitation ...

    NOTE: It is important to distinguish between anti-virus from anti-spyware. For example, SpyBot - SearchDestroy - anti-spyware program, virus, it is not looking. Therefore, anti-virus, this utility does not conflict.

    Built brandmauzera kompyutera6 TeaTimer - may hinder the work and strongly act on the nerves: it announces any changes to the registry, implemented one way or another prilazheniem. If desired, you can disable it, but keep in mind that while the security level is reduced enormously as.

    When the computer is not connected to the internet (temporarily), the security software you can safely disable. This makes sense, for example, if your computer slows down when viewing high quality video: he, and so is not enough power, but still takes anti-virus scan files. In this case the clip will vosproizvoditsyay more smoothly ... Just do not forget to re-enable protection when connecting to the internet or vstovlyat portable flash drive!


    (Everything is under control)

    Burn DVD, watching TV on your computer, writing letters - on the web there are numerous free programs for all occasions, but unfortunately not all the different security and seriously: some of them are purely commercial purposes. Particularly insidious - Spyware: It masquerades as antispyware or antivirus program, and if you download such software - then farewell your konfitsidealnost (your account numbers, passwords, and much more will be known Hacker). And in most cases - you will emerge banners ... If this program has taken root on your computer - get rid of it is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

    ALWAYS check the source! Trust interpretation tested and recommended sites such as or download programs only from the developer! Always ask yourself the question: If you need to do it ON!

    If the program is unknown - type it in any search engine in conjunction with the words of spyware, adware or malware. If a spy has infiltrated your system, in many cases, you can help the aforementioned Doctor WEB or SpyBot.

    No less difficult to get rid of the toolbars in browsers FireFoxe and Internet Explorer, which is sometimes installed along with free programs (if they forget to deactivate - they deliberately prikleyutsya to the browser). Through the panel does not remove them - they poprorstu not visible there. The aid will come again, the above program, Revo Uninstaller.

    Another proven remedy for pesky program - a feature Microsoft - System Restore (Start - Programs - Utilities), but before you do - you need to create a restoration point, and generally start the service.

    So you can return the computer state before software installation.


    (Sozdovayte copy of the system)

    To speed up your computer, there are many practical tools. They erase unnecessary files, clean registry, izbovlyayutsya of unnecessary drivers, remove unwanted labels and DDL-Files. If these tools are working in good faith, they are really a lot of good! But in case of error - no end of problems: shortcuts do not work ... computer will no longer see the printer ... or simply collapsing the entire system ...

    Before going into "tuning" Always create a backup of your data (to what had happened to your fiasco), and best of all, and in general the whole system ... Often enough restore points, but insurance is always an unprecedented and unnecessary in the event that something goes wrong - you can always bring the system back to the original version ...

    In addition, when tuning check what you delete, otherwise you can erase from the register of any kind, whether an important record and then: adyus vinda ... A Windows such trifles lead to the fact that it ceases to operate the corresponding need a program or application ...

    Be careful!

    That's all our advice - good luck with your setup..

    Your Alexander Ivanov ...
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