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    Notebook: Russian team ...
    Under extremely tight konkurenttsii in the notebook market, the Russian manufacturers tend to produce products that can stand out from the crowd and attract a buyer ...

    Usually traced three main areas:

    - A model with characteristics similar to the solution of global brands, but with a lower price.

    - Laptops that are based on the latest platforms, competitors who have not yet hit the shops.

    - Uzkosegmentnye solutions, kotoryn poorly represented in Russia.

    However, there are many directions in which the identical least fierce battle for customers' demand, as manufacturers struggled to find a new market segment.

    In this article I will introduce five new products from domestic manufacturers of notebooks, each of which interestna their own way.


    (Leader of performance)

    Model RoverBook Hummer D790 correctly be classified as desknoutov: klussu demonstrating considerable weight and short battery life, despite the very capacious battery. But this notebook will be a full replacement for a desktop computer - primarily thanks to large 17-inch matrix display with a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels and a special technology R-Bright. In combination with powerful hardware base this will quietly enjoy HID-content or play all the latest games.

    "Flame monitor" here is the desktop Core 2 Quad Q6600 - one of the best decisions in the modern line of processors Intel. For the video card GeForce 8700M GT (512 MB RAM each) running in a mode of SLI, as well as 4 GB of RAM, deliver superior performance and speed.

    Multimedia capabilities are also impressive: a TV tuner complete with external antenna, IR remote control distantsmonnogo with USB-receiver, BD-drive and four built-in speakers. All this allows to use a laptop as a full home media center. By tomuzhe it has many input / output ports for virtually any peripheral, part of which is protected by rubber plugs. That's just unfortunately not the port HDMI, which would be very useful.

    Oh and for dessert - knacks in a built-in 2-megapixel camera and almost full-sized keyboard with separate tsyfrovym unit, two appointed by the gaming buttons and three buttons application buttons. For networking meet integrated Gigabit network card, fax modem, Wi-Fi module with support for 802.11 a / b / g module and Bluetooth - ie a complete set of wired and wireless interfaces kamunikatsionnyh.

    The disadvantages are the slightly inconvenient location of the optical drive: "blindly" find and open it difficult. Also managed to bore a utility for maintenance RAID-array, which strongly suggest checking his condition every time. Well, until the pile - at work demanding applications, there is clearly discernible noise cooling systems and hard drives ... but it's all the details.

    Our assessment: RoverBook Hummer D790 suit demanding gamers, 3D-designers and animators, experts in CAD-systems, and other lovers of high performance. As a desktop replacement - it is the optimal solution. Given all these advantages, we can say that the price set on him by the manufacturer, it is quite adequate - 100000 RUR.

    PS: 2-yadernik, RoverBook Hummer D790, in tests on the speed of the processor - ahead of all the near competitors, 4-yadernikov, already with a nearly twofold preemuschestvom.


    (A reliable worker)

    This product is positioned as a protected noubuk for people who work in adverse conditions for computer equipment, or just fans of extreme rest. So let's start with exactly these features.

    By the assurance company, laptop case is made of durable magnesium composite. Outwardly, it looks like black plastic, which looks good in combination with silver trim. Cover with the display mounted on two pins sufficiently reliable. From all four corners on the lid and the bottom of the housing is located quite large rubber pads to mitigate possible impacts. Skeleton key elements, according to the creator, made of highly durable polymer composite. Keyboard and other surfaces, including light-emitting diodes. are made of moisture-resistant material. On the governing bodies should say specifically: keyboard dust-and water-proof, with special grooves for water drainage. As shown by independent tests, video report, which was published on the website DESTEN, it withstands even the large volume of fluid.

    Problem of increasing resistance to external influences is subject to all design notebook. Number of holes on the body is reduced to the minimum necessary. Of the extra buttons on the keyboard by feeding on the body is just switch Wi-Fi. The touchpad is made from a special non-slip material and feels slightly rough. Naturally, it is an area for scrolling. Touchpad buttons rubberized, between two standard layout rocking to scroll up and down. Tactile sensation of working a very pleasant. The optical drive tray is located on the front end and has a special latch to prevent opening the wrong time.

    In terms of hardware composes before us a typical working machine. Good protsesmsor new generation 2 GB of RAM, capacious hard drive, and poor graphics (Intel GMA950) - no records, these figures do not beat, but provide a comfortable working with office applications. In combination with a small 14-g. Ymovym screen (1024x768 pixels) all provide good battery life for not demanding programs - about 2,5 hours. An important nuance is very easy and quick replacement battery that will be very useful in industrial environments. Also, a role played by the presence of COM ports, and eSATA. No less useful opportunity to easily replace the memory modules.

    Above all, the laptop meets military standards for vibration stability of MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.4, Procedure I, Category 10, Fig 16 and 17. ATSM 4169, Truck Transport, 11.5.2 Random test, Assurance Level II. The prevalence of such decisions in the civil sphere is very small and specialized military unit faces a lot of money.

    Our assessment: DESTEN CyberBook S844 looks decent in terms of both hardware filling the notebook, and price (about 35000 ruley). In fact, this device has no direct competitors: other secure solutions are many times more expensive.

    PS: Military Standards (Military Standards) representant a special high requirements of the equipment in a variety of adverse conditions. Virtually any device for military units of U.S. and NATO the duty to sertifikatsyyu on these standards. Typically standards imply a wide variety of tests, procedures and tests. Such as MIL-STD-810F includes tests for resistance to mechanical shock, shocks, vibration, humidity, solar radiation, effects of salt, heat stroke, different temperatures of storage and use. Checking for each parameter description in the "Method" - in particular, Method 514.4 describes the tests for resistance to vibration. ASTM standard 4169 defines the types of packaging and transporting various equipment - primarily mechanical resistance.


    (Available Player)

    Perhaps the most unusual subjects of today - "gaming notebook at a price of 20,000 rubles."

    It is unlikely that today will be able to find money for such a solution with a good discrete video card, the average CPU (true, DSF is low), 2 GB of RAM and a widescreen display. It is natural to reduce the price level had to make some sacrifices.

    Laptop case is made of cheap plastic, which nevertheless looks quite decent. The overall look has a touch of austerity and solidity of a - sort of triumph of minimalism. System logic SiS and places without Bluetooth also contributed to lower prices. However, According to "The tests conducted, this laptop is quite pull most modern games at medium settings. And the battery life with Advanced requirements and workload as worthy - more than an hour. And this is not very high capacity standard battery.

    With the rest of the business as usual: 10/100 Mbps module Wi-Fi, a multiformat memory card reader; Connectors VGA, RJ-11, RJ-45, audio-vhod/vyhod. Nice detail - four USB-ports 2.0b, not three, as in many contemporary models. Built-in speakers is quite decent: For watching movies and playing it enough. 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1280-800 points raises no objections. Laptop keyboard quite pleasant to the touch. In addition, it has a convenient layout - without any truncated Shift keys and Enter, as well as a firm foundation: the keyboard is almost no flex even when still quite strong pressure. The touchpad is quite convenient, but sometimes in the scroll are "slipping".

    Cooling system tailor perfectly: no overheating nebylo seen, and the noise from her almost Partner code. Besides eating the ability to control turns the cooling cooler. In general, the model turned out very smooth and very pleasant.

    Our assessment: IRBIS Mobile L51IS - the best choice for price / performance ratio in its class. That kind of production is sufficient relevance to the Russian market, especially regional. Laptop clearly find its appreciative buyers.


    (The Businessman)

    This is the first notebook of the company, built on the latest Intel Centrino 2 platform. Appearance of the mobile computer rigorous and elegant. The predominant dark colored with small silver-colored decor at first glance suggest that before you have a solid solution. Separately, nada noted an almost complete noiseless laptop, even at full load.

    Efficient mobile processor with low power consumption and low heat can achieve excellent results in the Bench Marks. A discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS (256 MB video memory, upgradeable to 1533 MB through technology TurboCache) and 2 GB of RAM - can not only use this laptop in solving business problems, but also happy to spend their leisure time in which no -whether the modern game. The battery charge is average capacity spent quite reasonable: in the operation of office programs laptop worked just over half an hour.

    Very nice tailor the keyboard. For example, the block arrow nemnozhgo preempted and beside them there are no other keys - accidentally press netuda not work. And the "Fn" and left "Ctrl" posted on the right places. Just above the keyboard is located three application buttons, which if desired can be reassigned. Laptop touchpad quite sensitive. Between the buttons is a fingerprint scanner - is a clear sign of a laptop belonging to a business class.

    Tools komunnikatsii provided in full: gigabit network card, fax modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Interestnoy feature is the presence HDMI and S / PDIF, which allows you to fully experience the charm of viewing high quality video. USB 2.0 ports, all three, but this may not always be enough. But there is an eSATA port. Image quality 1.3-megapixel webcam is enough for Web conferencing.

    Pre-installed software Paragon System Recovery for quick recovery of operating system helps to regain efficiency in cases of unforeseen circumstances, and without using third party programs.

    Our assessment: RoverBook Voyager V558 left a feeling of well-functioning and reliable mechanism that works like clockwork. This model is probably the best thing at this point to offer the Russian manufacturer for business travelers. Recommended price begins from 26,500 rubles - a very good offer.


    (Sweet Home Alabama)

    Fashion on glossy surfaces also affected the domestic producers of notebooks. The upper part of the cover of this model is the dream of a forensic expert in the field of fingerprinting. Laptop keyboard white, and the surface around the gray-silver. Given such a soiled color solutions, the manufacturer has shown concern about the users and added a set of delivery of a small special cloth to wipe becomes dirty surfaces. But the laptop looks stylish and proizvoit lasting impression on the representatives of the fair half of society.

    Dynamics embedded in the lower part of venhney cover under the screen. And glancing at him warmly lens of the webcam. The screen itself is not bad: despite the glossy coating, glare at him neochen noticeable. In the off state it clearly was reflected dark-green hue. LEDs are the opposite - a bright green and a sufficient Number: In addition to the standard, there are key indicators of "Caps Lock". Only the icons below them for the sake of style, located on the front end - until zapomnish which is responsible for what, a special sense from them will not be. Application buttons along with the power button located in a small trough, according to this press them without long nails rather inconvenient. Buttons "Fn", "Ctrl", "Enter", right "Shift" and arrow keys is the kind that should be. The touchpad blends harmoniously into the overall color scheme, and among its key has a fingerprint scanner.

    The notebook is based on modern hardware platforms Inter Centrino 2. Moschny next-generation processor with 6 MB of cache memory allows the device to easily cope with many demanding tasks. In tests on the performance of the product proved itself worthy. Well and good graphics card and the availability of HDMI and S / PDIF, as well as preloaded software Windows Media Center - favorable to entertainment.

    Time at high load is about an hour and a read-only mode - a little menbshe two hours.

    Our assessment: Model IRBIS Mobile M521IIV can be called very successful. The excellent combination of advanced technologies from the Russian manufacturer is a sense of pride. Price Model - 35000 rubles.
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