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    Tips Secrets


    1. Ustronyaem conflict webcam with Thunderbird.

    2. Achieve better performance video card.

    3. Return to life notebook Fujitsu Siemens.


    4. Outlook 2007: Disabling view emails in HTML.

    5. Microsoft Outlook: fast sending a web page.

    6. Internet: surfing without caching.

    7. Firefox 1.x/2.x/3.x: optimize filter Adblock Plus.

    8. Internet: Convert multimedia online.


    9. Windows XP / Vista: data synchronization.

    10. MS Word: copy fragments without a clipboard.


    1. Ustronyaem conflict webcam with Thunderbird

    Do you have a Logitech webcam with native software "QuickCam. One day you're going to update its email client Thunderbird to version 2.0, But the installer hangs, saying only that he can not get access to data that uses a different prilazhenie ...

    There is a way!

    It's simple - the program QuickCam, running in the background, among other things, require access to the file nmozmapi32.dll. On this keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt Delet open dispatcher tasks and disable the application: after all updates install without any zamorochek.

    2. Achieve better performance graphics card.

    On your PC Core 2 Duo processor and integrated graphics in fast games went smoothly enough, in spurts, so you bought a solid video card (for example - NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT) with 1 GB. Memory ... By installing it, you have not noticed any improvement, you do think that the jerks have become stronger and more ...

    It does not matter ...

    You probably forgot to connect an external power supply (which in some cases requires a graphics card manufacturer). Unlike the graphics, which is located on the motherboard, PCI Express graphics cards to operate at full capacity requires more power. Without it, it automatically switches to low productivity. In actual power supply has a special 4-pin plug. If not, use an adapter with a connector to power the drive (Molex) connector to trebuemmy.

    3. Return to life notebook Fujitsu Siemens.

    Old laptop suddenly crashes or becomes unbootable. Our advice will help you cope with this problem.

    I have sometimes been instances when my "customers" have called me with a question - why have a laptop, after several years of excellent work, the problem starts with the power. This is almost always to blame for the components of the power system, which will eventually become loose and start loose to sit on the board. By themselves they are unlikely (if not ever) are defective. On the example of my old Lifebook E4010 with a destabilized controller core voltage (CPU Core Controller), I show how to repair your computer quickly and without any special knowledge in the field of installation.

    I climbed to the issues everywhere.. Wrote professionals CHIP, about his problem - but in return they just unsubscribe that such deffektov in their laptops were not observed, and technical support they provide can not .. Although - I found a forum vsezhe eBay where my advice users with the same problem as me ... that's what they recommend and what I eventually did with my noutom ..

    - First, analyze our laptop:

    To open the laptop case, unscrew the screws on the underside. Do not forget that some of them are located under the battery - in this it must first detach. Screws, fikmiruyuschie body, are in the slot and optical drive. You'll meet three types of screws, so mark the opening marker so that the assembly - do not confuse a screw which is designed ...

    - Going further ... Remove the top part of the body:

    For some models, the upper part of the body consists of several parts connected to each other. In this case, you should gently pull and divide them. Before every action - make sure the screws on the bottom of the hull is really all otkrucheny. Replace the chipped plastic parts virtually impossible to glue them, too, as a rule, unable ...

    - Free the keyboard:

    To remove the keyboard frame, you must tilt the cover of the computer (screen) as far as possible. Do not forget the two screws in the slot, optical drive (FDD). The keyboard is usually two-lane zafiksirovanna double sided adhesive tape - just pull it up. Without disconnecting the ribbon cable from the keyboard, gently place it on display.

    - Remove the radiator:

    To get to the chip, which became the cause of the malfunction, should remove the radiator. Raising it (as well as later in the assembly), note the black cable from the left side that goes down. Fan cable to disable unnecessary - just put the heatsink with the fan on the keyboard, which is already on display.

    - Resuscitation with a hair dryer:

    Now comes the turn, "Melt". For completeness, we confirm that everything is possible at home - I used an ordinary hair dryer. We have a very short time to melt the solder to re-establish contact. Pre-close other components than either-whether that they are not unnecessarily heated. Blow chip dryer two or three times in one second or two at the distance of five to ten centimeters ... Touch and click on it DO NOT!

    - Apply the defense:

    After resuscitation chip - it is necessary to protect it from heat (for longer works) coming from a computer at work.

    We simply replace the thermal paste on the CPU fan which cools the pre-clearing akuratno it from the old one.

    It is necessary for more efficient cooling of the processor.

    - The Hat:

    Assembly is in reverse order. Make sure all cables are in place and held tightly. Carefully check termootvodyaschuyu plate (under the keyboard). Screw at the end of the plate is inserted in its place only if the item is in its place.

    The deed is done - now you can work with your laptop without fear of sudden shutdowns and interruptions.


    4.Outlook 2007: disabling view emails in HTML.

    How can I set the viewing messages in plain text in Outlook 2007?


    When you work with Outlook 2007 does not always correctly otobrozhayutsya some HTML-letter created with other editors. To view these messages will be convenient to switch to "Plain-text (plain text).

    To do this, select: Tools - Trust Center. Vpoyavivshemsya window, go to the section - Email protection. Here, in the section - Read as Plain Text: check - Chitakt standard mail in plain text. That's it.

    5. Microsoft Outlook: fast sending a web page.

    Do you want to send a message containing a Web page, not just link to it so that the recipient had the opportunity to see her without being connected to the Internet.

    Do as we do!

    In Outlook, you can handle this task without additional tools. It needs to resort to the rarely used features, allowing otobrozhat web pages. Open the page in Outlook XP directly from the Favorites menu or double click on "Addresses" button on the toolbar. In Outlook 2003 and 2007, open - View - Toolbars - A Web site that would show the right panel with the address. Enter the URL of the page and press Enter. Now on the menu - Action: See the team - Send Web Page by e-mail.

    However, this function passes the file is already open and does not support links or other items contained on the page. According to this recipient will be able to download them directly if connected to the Internet when viewing a page.

    6. Internet: surfing without caching.

    Some browsing of Web pages should keep sensitive personal information - visited pages and used application forms have nothing to do in the cache. But it does not want to remove immediately all downloaded files, as suggested by most browsers.

    There is a way!

    Safari browser in the new version 3.1.2 offers Windows users to the appropriate function, which temporarily disables the preservation viewed data. This free program you can download by clicking on the link / ru / safari / download. ITunes users should look in your Start Menu: Probably already have a browser on your computer as an automatic update.

    When installing be careful not to accidentally install additional software. After starting the browser immediately captivates thin design, typical of the programs Apple. The interface is very intuitive and offers quick access to main functions. For a team Bookmarks - Show all bookmarks "hides a powerful system management of these elements. Already existing bookmarks, the program can automatically be transferred from other browsers installed on your computer.

    Interestnoy feature of Safari is the regime of "Private Browsing". It allows a carefree visit any page: your actions will not be reflected in the weekly chronicles, and Autofill. While other browsers also can erase history, but the information will be lost. In Safari, you just temporarily disable the service log, without changing anything else. To do this, select the menu item - Edit - Private access: and confirm your choice by clicking on the dialog box "OK." There you can re-activate funktsyyu logging. Also with each new program starts - giveth the default settings automatically.

    7. Firefox 1.x/2.x/3.x: optimize filter Adblock Plus.

    Adblock Plus is an online-filter advertising messages that are used by many fans of the browser Firefox. But a large number of filters slow down the browser - it performs much longer.


    A properly configured list can largely solve this problem. First you need to keep their own list of filters. To do this in Firefox on the menu - Tools - Adblock Plus: and open the Setup dialog box - filter - Export filters. Then navigate to the folder, type a name and click "Save."

    Launch Windows Explorer and open a text file in an editor. All content, select and copy it to the clipboard. On the Web page (Russian version of a service there) click on the input and paste a list from the clipboard.

    Now check your settings (on site): In most cases you can use the original settings. A very important point "Optimize URL" and "Remove filters matched by others". If you are already optimized list, you must include this last feature. So recently added filters will be inserted into the templates. Finally click on "Optimize".

    The dialog box already contains an abbreviated list. Select it and copy it to clipboard (copy it) into a new text file.

    Return to the settings window Adblock, open - Filter - Import filters. Choose a new file just saved with the reduced filter list and click "Open". Poddtverdite overwrite the existing filters, otherwise Firefox will attach a new list to the old. Then click "OK."

    IMPORTANT: The Subscriber filter lists are not involved in all these steps and uprovlyayutsya separately.

    8. Internet: convert multimedia online.

    You have received an email audio or video file format is not supported by your media player. How to quickly convert the file into another format, not ustonavlivaya in this special program?

    Watch and listen!

    If you need to convert multiple files, you can do without downloading special programs. Use a specialized web service. To do this, open To a web page to work correctly configured to allow the display elements JavaScript.

    To do this, open Internet Explorer Tools - Internet Options: and click the "Other" tab "Security". In the list under "Scripting" must be enabled "Active Scripting". In FireFox click - Tools - Options - Content: and check "Enable JavaScript".

    Next on the site. Press the top of the page to "Browse" next to the field for input. Select the desired file on the hard disk (for conversion). Web service automatically detects the source file format. If he is incorrect, the correct value, you can choose from the dropdown list input format. "Format out" - the list to select the file format in which you want to convert your music or video. Click on the right "OK" to begin processing.

    After downloading the file on the server (upload otobrozhaetsya progress in real time) you will be prompted to install the settings that depend on the output format, such as quality level (1-10) to OGG Vorbis or bitrate for WMA. Usually need to change the default settings does not arise.

    After confirming the settings, click "OK" avtamaticheski will take place. To download the finished file, click the "Download" or copy and save the proposed link (the link is valid 24 hours - so that it can throw your friends if necessary).

    IMPORTANT: If you convert a large number of files when using ADSL-connection use of this service is not justified. Upload files to the server takes longer than downloading. But this method is very useful when working on a laptop or another computer, there is no other tool for conversion.


    9. Windows XP / Vista: Data synchronization.

    Can the standard means to synchronize files between two computers?

    And how!

    To solve this problem, there are many advanced tools - powerful systems for document synchronization and management. However, there prekrastnoe standatrnoe operating system, which is why it unfairly overlooked: it is about the most common of the Portfolio Windows. If it is not on the desktop - you can easily create it by clicking the right mouse button.

    Portfolio, as such, and is a repository of data. You can take it with you, for example - put it on a stick and work on documents located therein. And in return you can synchronize the changes as all documents of the Portfolio and in the sample by selecting: "Update All" or "Refresh Selected Documents" respectively. Files that you copied in the Portfolio will be identical to those that are in it.

    10. MS Word: copy fragments without clipboard.

    Can I copy a piece of text without using the standard clipboard?

    You can!

    Clipboard - a very handy tool, but the volume of its history is limited for this occasionally does not want to clutter it with unnecessary data.

    There is a way to copy text to the section of Word, which does not use the clipboard. To copy a piece in this way - highlight it, then put the cursor at the location where you want to move a piece, and press the right mouse button, hold down the "Shift" "Ctrl". As a result, previously isolated fragment appears in the desired location without affecting the clipboard.

    That has all the tips and secrets ..
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